(  Program A )

Departure from hotel at 8:00 am and visit Mdy hill that’s the first
item . the reason is in early morning the scenery is wonderful and
also there are few people . next we shall visit the kuthodaw and
golden palace on our return to the hotel we can have lurch on the way
. you can rest for a while at your hotel .  in the evening we start
from 3:00 pm go visit to the gold leaf industry . from there we go to
Maha Nani Pagoda and also to the jade market , Shwe Inn Bin Monastery
will come next after our sightseeing we shall have beer at the view
oint to see the beautiful sunset . that’s one day   Programs

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(  Program B )

We start at 9:00 am from the hotel go shopping at the Zegyo market
them visit Moe Hti Aung Si Meditation center . later on we proceed to
Amarapura to study weaving industry. hence we shall travel to Sagaing
. For lunch we can enjoy at the shan restaurant . we can go to(  Inn
wa )  by boat next ride a pony-cart to visit Bagaya Monastery ,Yatana
Si mi pagaya also included Nan Myint Tower and Mai Nu Monastery .  On
our return we can have a wonderful viwe of the sunset on   * U Bein
Bridge * them take you back to hotel
that’s two days Programs


( Program C )

We start …………………………………………………………………..


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