A happy and joyful time friends . When all of you hear this greeting then you may know that it’s from Myanmar . All my companions those that have travelled together with me on trishaw or motor-bike I would like to wish you in this manner . All my customers are included in it. I would like to say all my old and new friends welcome to * Happy Travels *. My heartfelt  thanks to all my benefactors of this company . According this motto “I want other happy just like myself ” so I arranged many fantastic sightseeing pprogrammes for my customers. I would be thankful also for your advice and ideas to improve my website. Thanks a lot for your co-operation .       Dear  friends, when you have spare time  I would like to invite you to visit  M.D.Y  . I’d like to be your guide   around Mandalay Area . I would like to inform you about Myanmar  tradition , culture and the daily lives of the people .   Could you please let me know the differences between our home countries?

In case you need any thing or want to give some advice, I will be really glad to accept it .

Thank you for your time

So So

..    Happy Travels      warmly welcomes you and all the be


My name is Soe Paing. I was born in 1978 in a small town called
Mokmeik in the northern part of Shan state.

I am married and father of 4 children.

At present I am a tourist guide in Mandalay.

After primary school I worked as an apprentice in the gems market and
helped my parents on their works.

A few years later I started to work as a trishaw rider.

While working as a trishaw rider, I started to study English with a
retired teacher named Uncle Lay. Later on I continued my language courses with a Buddhist monk.
Consequently I was able to start working as a tour guide for foreign visitors.

Due to the political situation in 2007 I had to flee to Thailand. In 2012
I could return to Myanmar.

I have three years of working experience as a tour guide and I enjoy my
work very much. Many of my customers have become good friends.

Please feel free to contact me either for more information or if you want
to hire me as your guide.

I would be very happy to show you my country and to give you many
valuable suggestions of how to get to know Myanmar and its people.
This way you can also help me to provide my children a proper education.

Soe Paing       :       soe.paing246@gmail.com
phone No        :       +959 402538362
Located         :       Across the Royal Guest-House in Mandalay

So So ( 0r ) Soe Paing

Just call me  “So So”

My original name is  Soe Paing  . My mother named me after offering one pyi  of rice and 25 kyats to the palmist . Soe means being famous and Paing means that everything will be plentiful for me . So the whole name is to be famous and a wealthy person  but my tourist friends can’t call me by that name so it becomes    *  SPY * which is not good and being mocked among my friends.  Because of that,  I chose * So  So  *     for all the foreign tourists. This name is just reasonable not too good not too bad . So  Please call me by that name since I like it very much .    Thank you so much

So So


One response to “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi So So, good luck with your website! I was happy to see that you are using the name card which we gave to you in March as a present! You were happy! We were happy!
    All the best, Beate

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