A happy and joyful time friends . When all of you hear this greeting then you may know that it’s from Myanmar . All my companions those that have travelled together with me on trishaw or motor-bike I would like to wish you in this manner . All my customers are included in it. I would like to say all my old and new friends welcome to * Happy Travels *. My heartfelt  thanks to all my benefactors of this company . According this motto “I want other happy just like myself ” so I arranged many fantastic sightseeing pprogrammes for my customers. I would be thankful also for your advice and ideas to improve my website. Thanks a lot for your co-operation .       Dear  friends, when you have spare time  I would like to invite you to visit  M.D.Y  . I’d like to be your guide   around Mandalay Area . I would like to inform you about Myanmar  tradition , culture and the daily lives of the people .   Could you please let me know the differences between our home countries?

In case you need any thing or want to give some advice, I will be really glad to accept it .

Thank you for your time

Soe Paing

  ..    Happy Travels      warmly welcomes you and all the best

Thanks a lots


Soe Paing

contacts:  soe.paing246@gmail.com

phone   :  09402538362

website : http:// yourguidetomandalay.wordpress.com

                                                     Just called by that name of Soe

My orginal name is Soe Paing  . My mother named me after offering one pay of rise and 25 kyats to the palmist.  Soe means being famous and Paing means that everything will be plentiful for me so the whole name is to be famoous and a wealthy person my tourist friends can’t call me by that name so it becomes * SPY * which is not good and be mocked among friends. So that’s the reason i chose Soe for all the foreign friends. This name is just reasonable not too good not too bad . So I like it very much. Please call me by the name of  *  Soe


3 responses to “HOME

  1. Hey my dear Soe great to receive your email yesterday and happy to discover your website! Congratulations! I hope that business is running well and that you and your family are happy and blessed. I miss Myanmar so much! I send you warm regards from Switzerland!

  2. We did a tour with So So in March 2013. We are an elderly couple (52+60) and did the 3 day tour in a comfortable van. All our needs were covered, So So had a solution for everything and we loved our experience with him. The monastery with all those beautiful people there was a very great experience. It is no more secret but I hope you can still enjoy it without too many others. Hope you enjoy your tours with him! Beate + Ingolf from Germany

  3. Hello again Soe, what’s the name of your tripadvisor? Apparantly I can’t find it on your website. Maybe it’s a good idea to put a link on your homepage (together with a pricing page) :).


    Matteo, Zeger en Felix

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